Our Mission

Our Mission

Pete’s Good Vibes is a grassroots organization established in memory of Pete Caldes to raise funds and offer support to families fighting cancer. There are no paid employees, all participants are volunteers and, after operating costs, all donations go to benefit the designated recipients of Pete’s Good Vibes.

Our mission is to grow our foundation and establish connections at cancer centers in the Philadelphia area and beyond so that we can provide much needed assistance at a time when families need it most. Established in 2019, in our first year we were able to immediately provide thousands of dollars in financial support to cancer patients.

Our goal is to continue to grow our foundation and our network of supporters and to expand our outreach. For more information, please contact petesgoodvibes@comcast.nets, hours of infusion treatments, daily visits from home health care nurses and therapists, and weeks in the hospital. Despite the hard fought battle. Pete passed away on August 17,2019 - just one year after his diagnosis.

Pete was passionate about his interests which included a love for sports, music and movies. He was a generous soul, never hesitating to give to someone in need or donate to any charily.

Pete's Story